Undocumented to Green Card: The Real Story

Medium.com featured the tell-all, behind the scenes tale of one mans struggles through life and the intimidating US immigration process.

Vikram Babu tells his story of going from Indian immigrant to Canada to undocumented alien in the US to full-fledged green card holder. His story mirrors the same plot points of millions of other families in the U.S. that find a pathway to citizenship via the green card program.

He tells the beautiful story of love found, then love lost. The mini-challenges of learning the difference between a Form I-130, Form I-485, supporting documents and the Form G-325A. A natural Do-It-Yourself inclined man, Vikram spent months putting the application together himself, following the instructions carefully. This process can be very stressful as millions of immigrants end up paying lawyers billions of dollars every year to avoid rejections or delays by the government due to a simple mistake on their application.

Vikram Babu's Immigration Story

Vikram explains the feeling of relief as he successfully completes the green card process with the USCIS. As he establishes himself, makes progress in his career, moves to a new city, he is struggling with the same challenges that everyone faces as we navigate life, US citizen or not. He deals with the added difficulties of the anti-immigration sentiment that existed in 2009-2012 and continues on today.


Vikram’s story is particularly important because most American citizens have a similar story in their family be it from their grandfather, great-grandmother or beyond. These immigration stories are not only important moments in the lives of each of these families, they have also been important moments in the story of America.

Read the entire story (10 min read) with pictures via Medium.com here