What's Going to Happen to Immigration?

The dust is starting to settle from the 2016 presidential election. With the realization of a Trump presidency, many are scrambling to sort out what this will mean for various policies, laws, and programs in the United States. People are trying to sort out what Trump will actually follow through with, versus what will remain just a soundbite. At SimpleCitizen, we have been thinking about what a Trump administration means for our programs, what this means for immigration in the United States and what this means for the families that we work with to navigate the immigration system.

We are dedicated to our customers. We do everything we can to remove the stress and anxiety that is normally associated with submitting immigration paperwork to the government. It is heartbreaking to see new stress and anxiety intensified after president-elect Trump won. We have had difficult conversations with many of our customers to help ease their concerns and fears.

We will continue to help you, our customers, and your family successfully navigate the US immigration system. Under a Trump administration there is the potential for many changes to the system that is currently implemented in the US. No matter the change, you can count on us for continued service through the process. We pledge to stay on the cutting edge of policy and rule changes with the process. You can look to us the source of analysis and guidance for US immigration.

Under a Hillary Clinton administration we would have looked forward to helping 11 million undocumented immigrants start on the legal path towards citizenship. Now is not the time to give up on that dream. Now we must work harder than ever. Jeremey Robbins at Partnership for a New American Economy, a bipartisan group advocating for immigration reform, has said, “this election showed how important the immigration issue is to the American public, and how critical it is that we get it right.”

Over the coming weeks we will be providing in depth analysis on the possible changes to immigration under the Trump presidency. We plan to cover the following topics and more. Let us know if you have other topics you want us to cover or questions that you have about immigration now that Trump has been elected.

  • What will happen to Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Is it impossible now?
  • What will happen to the DACA & DAPA programs now?
  • Is the H1B program going to end?
  • Will it be more difficult for people to get green cards or become a citizen now?
  • What will happen to the TN visa and NAFTA?
  • Will visa programs disappear?
  • Will immigration applications take longer to process under a Trump administration?

The Presidential Transition

an outline of some of Donald Trump’s policy plans for the first 100 days, and his day one executive actions: