Green Card Application

Also known as an Adjustment of Status to Legal Permanent Residency.

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Prepare and submit your own completed Green Card application and have it reviewed by a professional immigration attorney here. We’ll guide you through every step in preparing your application and when you finish, we’ll even print it out and mail it to you.

Preparation Cost:

Average Prep Time:
2 Hours

Attorney Review

Printing & Shipping

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Create an account and
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We print, assemble, & mail
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You sign all the forms that
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Step 4

You mail the application to
the USCIS & go to your interview!

What Will I Get?

A Complete Application Ready to File Includes:

All Completed USCIS Forms

All Required Supporting Docs

USCIS Filing Instructions

100% Money Back Guarantee
Optional Attorney Review
24/7 Live Chat Support
USCIS Envelope
Sample USCIS Checks
Sample Passport Photos

Complete Filing Instructions
Cover Letter for USCIS
Filled Out Form G-1145: E-Notification
Filled Out Form I-130: Petition
Filled Out Applicant Form G-325A
Filled Out Petitioner Form G-325A

Form I-485: Adjustment of Status
Filled out Form I-693: Medical Examination
Filled out Form I-765: Employment Auth.
Filled out Form I-131: Application for Travel
Filled out Form I-864: Sponsor Form
Copies of Required Supporting Documents

Sending this application to the USCIS

SimpleCitizen is not the USCIS.
We are a service that helps you prepare your application before you send it to the USCIS.
If you would prefer to download the forms and fill them out yourself, please visit

USCIS Form Fees

Total Cost to USCIS:


Sent directly to USCIS.
100% SimpleCitizen Money Back Guarantee*

Est. Processing Time

Average Wait:

6 Months

Wait times may vary depending on how busy your local USCIS office is.

Status Updates

Text/Email Updates


Available with SimpleCitizen’s free USCIS Status Tool.

*If you use SimpleCitizen and your application gets rejected, we will refund you 100% of government fees.

Customer Reviews:

Akane Hebert
Akane Hebert
09:59 27 Apr 17
Very professional staff and great customer service! Don't hire expensive immigration lawyers. Just use Simple Citizen! You will get your green card or citizenship!
Jessie Garcia-Alvarez
Jessie Garcia-Alvarez
01:15 18 Apr 17
My AOS interview is set to take place in May and I couldn't have done it without the help from the amazing team at SimpleCitizen. They are so thorough and accurate when putting together your application. Not to mention, they are happy to help with any questions you may have. So far, I haven't experienced a single delay with my application. I would definitely recommend SimpleCitizen to anyone applying for a Green Card. All of the documents you need to organize can be extremely overwhelming--I couldn't imagine having to have put everything together on my own. I felt much more at ease having their assistance throughout the whole process.
Eliska Rejmankova
Eliska Rejmankova
18:01 12 Apr 17
SimpleCitizen group has been very helpful throughout my whole citizenship application process. They would answer questions any time of the day or night. I recommend them to everyone who wants to have the citizenship application process as smooth as possible.
Ruth Laver
Ruth Laver
02:58 24 Mar 17
Outstanding service. Clear, concise, totally worth the investment. Don't spend hours trying to figure the green card process out yourself, or pay thousands to a lawyer, SimpleCitizen literally made it so simple. Great online support, and aftercare. The team at SimpleCitizen seem to genuinely care about their clients, and we have been personally touched by their support and guidance through this complex and emotional process. Well done SimpleCitizen you crafted a great and useful product.
Kirk Ewing
Kirk Ewing
22:07 10 Mar 17
SimpleCitizen was fantastic. Filing for a green card is a stressful process but the software powering SimpleCitizen was amazingly easy to use. When there are questions Sam and his staff are amazingly responsive and knowledgeable. If you have a really complex case I would definitely use an immigration attorney. If your's is not amazing complex then SImpleCitizen will save you a heap of time and money while still having the piece of mind that you haven't missed any steps.
Alexander Hui
Alexander Hui
21:42 10 Mar 17
I honestly could not have done it without SimpleCitizen! After learning about the green card process, my wife and I were totally overwhelmed by all the paperwork needed to be done. That's when SimpleCitizen saved the day. Sam, Brady, and Ayde were all super helpful throughout the entire process. Using SimpleCitizen literally saved me thousands of dollars! The website and user interface make it easy for anyone to easily and successfully fill out their paperwork. SimpleCitizen has designed it so that you can swiftly finish all the paperwork you need by easily inputting information into pre-specified fields. Most importantly, SimpleCitizen mailed me my completed packet all in the correct order leaving me with the easiest step of all - mailing it in to the USCIS office! All in all, the entire green card approval process took four and a half months which was on par if not faster than what I encountered online. If you're looking to apply for or renew your green card, look no further than to SimpleCitizen for help!
15:25 09 Feb 17
Invaluable service! This process, by nature, is not short! But, by having help completing forms and navigate you through the process helps you avoid the pitfalls of trying to go it alone.
Claudia Soto
Claudia Soto
21:33 07 Feb 17
Simple Citizen made the green card application process easier and cheaper for me. The website automizes the process, making the process of filling out 100+ pages of forms into a couple-hour ordeal. Immigration lawyers are very expensive, but Simple Citizen gives you the same services for a very good deal. In short, Simple Citizen made what would have been a very stressful and very expensive process into an easy and fast one. I am grateful for their unique platform and kind customer service. I will be recommending their services to my friends and family. Thank you Simple Citizen!
ahmad kharbat
ahmad kharbat
23:55 06 Sep 16
I'm glad I stumbled on this service, it helped me save a few thousands of dollars of attorney fees. And also helped me submit forms that I didn't even know about. However the service is only to help you organize your documents and make sure you have all the needed papers. You need to stay on top of it and eventually submit your application yourself. which I believe as a citizen-to-be, this is an important exercise. The duration took a little longer than promised, but I was still satisfied with the quality of the service and the prompt communication. I would highly recommend.
Kelly Horton
Kelly Horton
18:52 15 Aug 16
Very easy, friendly, efficient process. I love the packet they sent back to me. It arrived when they said it would..packaged the proper order...I just had to sign it, attach pics and send. I sent it out the same day I received it from was that ready. They even included an addressed envelope to send it in. And it was printed on very nice paper. I found the USCIS website very difficult to navigate and understand ( I have a Master's Degree), Simple Citizen was "simple" to understand.
Joseph Ebele
Joseph Ebele
21:05 25 Jul 16
So this is the first time I have made a review on a service and I just had to do it because this is by far the best service I have ever received in my entire life! All my thanks goes to the wonderful customer service rep that I have chatting with. " Alexia " I can't imagine how much better service I could have gotten. She answered all my questions with links to further educate me... All the questions I never could even get answered during my personal research. I'm so glad I came across simple citizen and very grateful that someone like Alexia was there to put me through! Thank you so much Simple citizen and Alexia.
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