Data Center Security

Our data centers use world-class protection. This means that the infrastructure is secured by electronic surveillance, trained security guards, and environmental scanning. This level of infrastructure security around the data centers is maintained 24-7-365.

Data Backups

Continuous monitoring and redundancy ensure that all data help to protect your data from being lost in the system. We use multiple instances to not only ensure that you have access to your data when needed but it is also updated and always free of error.

Data Encryption

SimpleCitizen is protected by 256 Bit SSL encryption. Any transmissions on our site are guarded with encryption on both ends that is considered to be the highest available. By choosing this type of encryption we can assure you that you are the only person that can access this information.


Do not worry, all of your data is stored and processed using systems that are in compliance with more than 18 assurance programs managed by various US government agencies and international groups.

Security questions or issues?

Contact Us

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within SimpleCitizen, please get in touch with our team.