Business & Work Visa Products

SimpleCitizen offers all of the visa & immigration applications for the most common HR & company situations.

  • H1B – Subject to CapApplication will be submitted before April 1st. Subject to the annual H1B visa limit.
  • H1B – Cap ExemptApplication will be submitted before April 1st. Will not be subject to annual limit because petitioning organization is qualified (academic, non-profit, etc.)
  • H1B – Company TransferHiring a new H1B employee that already has approved H1B status. This application also works for transferring H1B employees to a new office.
  • H1B – ExtensionH1B employees that need to renew their H1B status that will soon be expiring.
  • TN – NAFTA WorkerA business visa for citizens of Mexico & Canada, allowing workers in specific occupations to come to the US in 3 year increments.
  • L1 – Intercompany TransferExecutives or managers from a foreign office coming to work in the US on temporary assignment.
  • O1 – Extraordinary AbilityNational or international acclaimed workers, entrepreneurs, athletes, performers often apply for this visa.
  • E2 – Investor VisaCertain countries that have treaties with the United States may come here to buy or invest a significant amount of capital in a business.
  • PERM – Employer Sponsored Green CardThe first part of getting a Green Card through your employer. This is an application that is filed through the Department of Labor.
  • Employee Sponsored Green CardEmployees of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, research, academia, holding advanced degrees, professional workers may be sponsored by their employer to apply for legal permanent residency.
  • Work Authorization CardCertain dependents of current foreign workers or international students hired as interns may apply for work authorization.

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