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Platform Product Manager - Group or Principal Level | Full-Time

Salt Lake City, UT | Remote

Who we are

At SimpleCitizen, we make immigration work better for people & companies by transforming what are often manual & cumbersome processes into modern, automated workflows. We differentiate from the competition through relentless focus on our customers: the immigration applicant & the people who work at our client companies managing global immigration & mobility programs. We are laser focused on creating delightful user experiences, efficient processes & easy access to data & information when it is needed.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve built a reputation of doing whatever it takes to help legal immigrants to the United States obtain permanent residence & citizenship at a fraction of the cost & time, while achieving an industry-leading success rate & superb customer reviews & NPS ratings.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve taken that same attitude & innovative spirit into the corporate immigration space & just recently joined Fragomen—the largest & leading immigration law firm & services provider in the United States & around the world. For nearly 70 years, Fragomen has been exclusively dedicated to providing immigration guidance & support & has a global footprint of over 50 offices worldwide supporting immigration into more than 170 countries. Fragomen’s professionals are recognized as the world’s preeminent immigration practitioners & thought leaders in their respective jurisdictions. This exciting acquisition will provide SimpleCitizen with financial backing & a broad base of exciting clients, enabling us to continue to improve the immigration experience for hundreds of thousands of workers around the globe.

Opportunities to truly disrupt an industry are not that common, but this is one of them. In partnership with Fragomen, the stage is set for SimpleCitizen to transform the multi-billion-dollar corporate immigration industry. We will win because of our uncompromising customer focus, our innovative approach to technology & our recent union with the preeminent legal immigration services provider in the industry.

To achieve this bold mission, we’ll need the help of the best people in product, design & engineering.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for an experienced product manager to lead our platform product team. This team is responsible for improving and expanding the core product that is used by our client company HR & immigration representatives and the SimpleCitizen and Fragomen case management teams. You will spend time working with these individuals to understand their needs and convert insights into world class experiences. Some of the key jobs performed on the platform include:

  • The creation and management of companies and employee applicants
  • The creation and execution of applicant cases
  • Collaboration between attorneys, caseworkers, and business support teams to edit and approve case applications
  • Review of the status of cases and the automated notifications & escalations designed to keep case teams on-track
  • Review of dashboards and creation of customized reports to to enable on-demand access to the data need to run efficient programs and answer critical business questions
  • Consult system generated predictions to inform legal expert decisions and anticipate potential immigration issues

Working alongside the rest of the product team, you will expand and improve the product that is already disrupting the immigration market and in doing so, shape the immigration experience for thousands of company and law firm workers around the globe.

What excites you

  • Having real impact on the disruption of a massive industry
  • Giving people more control over and transparency into their immigration processes
  • Commitment to understanding your customer and doing the difficult work to truly understand their problems and what they value most
  • A fast-paced, customer focused and product-minded culture that moves rapidly from planning and research to prototyping, building and shipping amazing products
  • Thinking outside the box and forging new paths and approaches in order to leap ahead of the conventional and incumbent thinking
  • Closely collaborating with engineering, design, and business teams on the products we build, from definition to delivery
  • The opportunity to truly own your work and deliver real wins alongside your design and engineering partners

What excites us

  • Being a tireless advocate for users and user-centered processes
  • Problem solvers with a great eye for detail and stellar innovative thinking
  • An avid story-teller, skilled in effectively communicating prioritization and product decisions with an understanding for business impact
  • Advocates for customer value. We love people are passionate about understanding what customers value and building products that truly deliver it

If you would like to apply for the position, simply click the following link & complete the application process through our hiring portal.

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