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SimpleCitizen for Business – Launching November 16, 2017

SimpleCitizen Launches End-to-End Business Visa Platform to Simplify International Hiring Process

The new platform will streamline the business visa process by providing simple & intuitive software that guides users through the immigration system.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Nov. 16, 2017)SimpleCitizen, the digital immigration & visa solution designed to streamline the pathway to citizenship, today announced the launch of "SimpleCitizen for Business," the first end-to-end platform designed to give businesses a simple way to gain visas for international hires. By streamlining the visa process, SimpleCitizen saves organizations time & money while allowing them the ability to recruit top talent from around the world.

"Businesses typically spend an extra $10,000-$15,000 in legal fees for every new international hire. That's why we're excited to unveil our new platform designed to make that process easier & less cost prohibitive than ever before," said Sam Stoddard, Co-founder & CEO of SimpleCitizen. "We've been working hard to automate the entire business visa process to save businesses thousands in legal fees & endless hours of paperwork. Our software is going to change the way businesses hire international talent."

SimpleCitizen's new platform is designed to automate every part of the business visa application process, from start to finish. Developed with the help of leading immigration attorneys spanning law firms across the country, this platform quickly fills out every piece of paperwork required for business visas by removing redundancies while also cutting out user error that can slow the process.

"The service that SimpleCitizen is providing is a first in our industry in terms of streamlining the case preparation process. Many companies have tried & failed to automate the immigration process," said Chad Graham, attorney at Graham Adair. "We've worked closely with SimpleCitizen to create it's easy-to-use platform & are looking forward to using it in our own practice."

Since the company's founding in 2016, SimpleCitizen – a Y Combinator graduate – has helped thousands of families save millions in legal fees. SimpleCitizen's immigration platform includes step-by-step guidance through the entire process until the visa or green card is in the customer's hand. The process typically costs more than $5,000 for application & attorney fees & months of waiting in the dark. SimpleCitizen takes control of the whole process for only $300.

SimpleCitizen also offers a professional attorney review of all forms, to give customers the peace of mind they need. The new platform will now offer that same guidance & simplification to businesses looking to gain visas for international employees.

"SimpleCitizen has given me the ability to come to the US to grow my company & create jobs," said Leon Chaddock, CEO of, who recently used the platform to get his visa approved. "SimpleCitizen guided me through the whole process & made it so simple; I now use it across my entire company. I didn't have to waste years & thousands of dollars trying to get a visa; instead, I can now use that money to hire more employees & expand our operations here in the US."

The United States economy benefits greatly from immigration. According to the Partnership for a New American Economy, immigrants earned $1.3 trillion & contributed $105 billion in federal taxes in 2014. SimpleCitizen is playing a critical role in this necessary influx of workers by making immigration easier for individuals, families, & now businesses too.

"Since our initial launch, we've helped so many people take that step toward achieving the American dream, we're excited to now help businesses through the process to hire exceptional talent & improve their operations," said Sam Stoddard.

About SimpleCitizen

SimpleCitizen offers an affordable, easy-to-use online platform that streamlines the process of filing immigration & citizenship paperwork. It provides support through a robust member community & ensures accuracy through immigration attorney review & their extensive immigration experience.

SimpleCitizen placed first at StartMadness, in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, the Miller New Venture Challenge, & in the top 10 at the International Business Model Competition. SimpleCitizen is also an alumnus of the Y Combinator accelerator program. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Media Contact

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SimpleCitizen history

SimpleCitizen is TurboTax for immigration. This software was created, developed and perfected by a team of world class innovators, engineers and immigration attorneys.

Founded in 2014, SimpleCitizen is a digital immigration and visa solution designed to streamline the pathway to citizenship. As the only truly comprehensive solution, its straightforward process takes applicants from signup to completion, while saving them time and money along the way. Every day, the team works to help people find new opportunities, start new adventures and bring their families together.

What the press has to say about us:


July 30, 2016

"We are going to be the online, go-to source for all things immigration."

Wired Magazine

November 6, 2015

"SimpleCitizen, a TurboTax for immigration, lets you skip the legal fees."


June 20, 2016

"How it works: SimpleCitizen is TurboTax for immigration."

San Francisco Chronicle

August 24, 2016

"SimpleCitizen is like TurboTax for immigration."

Above The Law

June 30, 2016

"It is easy to understand why YC recently invested in SimpleCitizen."

USA Today

September 18, 2015

"Things are Booming in the Beehive State."

Product Hunt

February 7, 2016

"Their name really says it all, it is SO simple."

Utah Business

May 12, 2016

"I set out to Create a tool, not just for myself, but for the millions of other immigrants."


July 11, 2016

" alternate solution that is quicker, easier, & less expensive..."

Fast Company

August 11, 2016

"The platform guides users through their entire application"

Seattle Chinese Times

December 4, 2015

"Easier & cheaper option for US immigration application"


July 27, 2016

"We want SimpleCitizen to become the household name..."

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    Meet the founders of SimpleCitizen

    Sam Stoddard – CEO

    Sam Stoddard (CEO) graduated with a Masters of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University in 2015. He has worked as a finance & accounting professional in positions at MX, Cencore LLC, & KPMG. Sam came up with the idea to create SimpleCitizen after going through the Green Card application with his wife in 2013.

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    Aydé Soto – CTO

    Ayde Soto (CTO) is the technical founder of SimpleCitizen. Ayde holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. Originally from Mexico, Ayde has first hand experience with immigration & helped form SimpleCitizen to fix the broken immigration process.

    Download Image

    Brady Stoddard – CMO

    Brady Stoddard (CMO) leads marketing efforts & product design at SimpleCitizen. With a background in design, product, & digital marketing, Brady has helped launch various successful startup businesses.

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    Executive Headshots

    Sam Stoddard – CEO


    Aydé Stot – CTO


    Brady Stoddard – CMO


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    How to fill out the Form I-485 for an Adjustment of Status

    How to fill out the Form I-485 for an Adjustment of Status

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    Form I-485 Processing Time: What happens next?

    Form I-485 Processing Time: What happens next?

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    Green Card Success Story: Vivian from Canada

    Green Card Success Story: Vivian from Canada

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    How to survive the Green Card Application - Olivia's Story

    How to survive the Green Card Application - Olivia's Story

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    Customer testimonies

    Green Card Stories

    Olivia & Nick

    I initially had my doubts about using a website to apply for a green card but it turned out to be awesome. I had no idea how to get started but SimpleCitizen walked me through the whole process and a week later my application showed up at my house all ready to go. All I had to do was sign it and then send it to the government. I have a lot of international friends and family and I always recommend SimpleCitizen to them. Great service!

    Alexis & Jennifer

    Al inicio tuve muchísimas dudas sobre como comenzar mi proceso de inmigración, luego como llenar toda la papelería que necesitaba o pensaba que necesitaba. – Una amiga me dijo de SimpleCitizen porque ella lo usó, y ya no tuve ni que pagar miles de dólares al abogado que me iba a ayudar y el servicio incluyó todo el llenado de mis formas, tradujeron mi acta de nacimiento gratis y me llegó el paquete a mi casa listo para firmar y enviar al gobierno!

    El servicio al cliente también excelente, nunca me dejaron sola, todo el tiempo contestaban mis dudas.

    Ampliamente recomiendo este servicio a la gente que necesita apoyo y asesoría para este tramite que se ha vuelto tan sencillo gracias a la tecnología y al equipo de profesionales.

    Ha & Mickey

    I honestly could not have done it without SimpleCitizen! After learning about the green card process, my wife and I were totally overwhelmed by all the paperwork needed to be done. That's when SimpleCitizen saved the day.

    The website and user interface make it easy for anyone to easily and successfully fill out their paperwork. SimpleCitizen has designed it so that you can swiftly finish all the paperwork you need by easily inputting information into pre-specified fields.

    Most importantly, SimpleCitizen mailed me my completed packet all in the correct order leaving me with the easiest step of all – mailing it in to the USCIS office!


    Very easy, friendly, efficient process. I love the packet they sent back to me.

    It arrived when they said it would..packaged nicely…in the proper order…I just had to sign it, attach pics and send. I sent it out the same day I received it from them…it was that ready. They even included an addressed envelope to send it in. And it was printed on very nice paper.

    I found the USCIS website very difficult to navigate and understand ( I have a Master's Degree), Simple Citizen was "simple" to understand.


    I used SimpleCitizen to renew my green card which was 2-year conditional permanent residency. I answered all of the questions which only took me about 20 minutes. Gathering documents was time consuming but with SimpleCitizen's help, I was able to gather all of the required supporting documents. They double-checked my application with the licensed immigration attorney. Once it (assembling my application and the attorney review) was all done, they mailed me my application all ready to go. All I had to do was sign where it was marked with the sticky notes.


    I had a GREAT experience with simplecitizen. Super simple, easy, fast and very helpful! I highly recommend them!

    Hunter & Claudia

    I'm glad I stumbled on this service, it helped me save a few thousands of dollars of attorney fees. And also helped me submit forms that I didn't even know about. However the service is only to help you organize your documents and make sure you have all the needed papers. You need to stay on top of it and eventually submit your application yourself. which I believe as a citizen-to-be, this is an important exercise.

    The duration took a little longer than promised, but I was still satisfied with the quality of the service and the prompt communication. I would highly recommend.

    Joseph & Vivian

    So this is the first time I have made a review on a service and I just had to do it because this is by far the best service I have ever received in my entire life! All my thanks goes to the wonderful customer service rep that I have chatting with. ” Alexia ” I can't imagine how much better service I could have gotten. She answered all my questions with links to further educate me… All the questions I never could even get answered during my personal research. I'm so glad I came across simple citizen and very grateful that someone like Alexia was there to put me through! Thank you so much Simple citizen and Alexia.

    Changchang & John

    The software was easy to follow. Their employees were so nice and went the extra mile to make sure any concerns we had were resolved. It saved a lot of money and time.

    Customer Reviews on Google

    Moumin Khan

    Jan. 2018

    Simple Citizen is a wonderful service that truly enables you to apply for immigration services in a precise and clear way. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in with immigration law and helps you through each step of the way. Me and my family have used them twice for green card applications and they truly stood by us during the entire process until we got our green cards in hand. At the price point they offer, with the service they provide, the professional value is an incredible bargain. Its turbo-taxes but for immigration with your own team of attorneys at your service and support. Very happy I picked up the phone and called them when I started my application

    Read More   Read Less  

    Ha Hoang

    Feb. 2018

    I have never written any review online, but for SimpleCitizen (SC)-a service that helps my American dream come true, a short review won't express enough my journey and appreciation toward SC.

    After wasting 4 months trying to figure out the green card requirements by myself, I gave up and started to use Simple Citizen (Sept, 2015) which surprised me on how everything turned out so easy on their website. Needless to say that they have all the documents ready for me to fill out with step by step instructions, they provide all the services (Supporting Document Translation, Immigration Attorney Review, etc.) that could cost me thousands of dollars doing it by myself. It also amazed me of how detailed their service is (printing and shipping the final application that was neatly organized with marked of where I and my husband had to sign, where to place the check and pictures, where to mail the package, etc.).

    During the process and even after I submit my application, SC team is always there to answer questions and check on every updates of the application. SC team, especially Sam, was not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also very personal, that gave me so much comfort on this frustrated process. I got my 2-year green card only after over 5 months (Feb, 2016) and now in the process of renewal. I have introduced SC to my friend who also quickly become a permanent residence through its' help. I will definitely continue to use SC in my journey of becoming a US citizen.

    Thanks SC for everything you have provided! Thanks everyone for staying til the end of my lengthy post ;).

    Read More   Read Less  

    Ismise Luke

    Jan. 2018

    What an outstanding service. The website is very user friendly, easy to navigate and they offer a free chat service to help you with any initial questions you have. Considering a lawyer can cost upward of $3,000, these guys will help you with your application step by step for just a couple of hundred dollars. Thanks to their great service (Sam in particular) I filed perfectly with no stress or worry for a fraction of what a lawyer would have cost me. Well worth it.

    Read More   Read Less  

    Amanda Clayton

    Jan. 2018

    I would recommend this service to anyone. I can not praise the team enough. First off, the online application itself is so simple and easy to use. Step by step, you simply fill in responses to questions and then you can review with support your answers. Once completed, SimpleCitizen sends you a completed professional packet that you send to the government – You have a online copy and a physical copy too. They help you every step of the way from the form to the medical, and once filed they continue the support.

    I feel the need to write this review, as my case was a little more complicated and I hit a few hurdles. When I contacted SimpleCitizen, they came back to me immediately with practical support in form of letters, policy, and legal support. At no point was I asked to pay any further or additional costs. I was astounded at the personal support and the ongoing telephone, online, and email support I have received.

    Thank you so much! Without you, I would not have obtained my green card. Again, thank you, specifically Sam. You were amazing! More than I could have hoped for when I started the process.

    Read More   Read Less  

    Arif Khan

    Jan. 2018

    Really great service, customer orientation and a sound technical product. I'm grateful i found out about Simple Citizen and it made dealing with the number of forms a breeze. Thank you to Sam and his team for going beyond the call of duty!

    Read More   Read Less  

    Saima Khan

    Jan. 2018

    Sam and his team answered my endless questions even till this day. They calmed my nerves and were with me every step of the way. They helped me when I panicked and most importantly they did everything calmly and professionally. If I was upset about something they listened and helped me fix it. They went the extra mile and are still there for me! I am thankful for them! Thank you simple citizens!

    Read More   Read Less  

    David Menzies

    Nov. 2017

    An attorney wanted to charge me $3k to do what SimpleCitizen would essentially do for around $350. Of course with an immigration attorney you get other benefits, including face-to-face help and representation at the immigration interview, but I decided to go with SimpleCitizen for the savings. They were always online to answer my questions promptly and provide me with the information I needed. Once they sent me my completed application I took it to my attorney to have them double check it, which cost me around $300. So in the end I saved over $2k.

    SimpleCitizen is a serious company and one of the easiest and affordable ways to fill out your immigration paperwork. I highly recommend them!

    Read More   Read Less  

    Elle S

    Jan. 2018

    I used SimpleCitizen to apply for my Green Card, EAD, and Advanced Parole. Dealing with Sam mostly, I found their services to be extremely easy and straightforward. Their responsiveness to my questions were incredible. I submitted my application and received all the paperwork from USCIS as expected. When the time came for me to renew my EAD, I contacted SimpleCitizen again and within a day, they sent me the completed forms to submit (without any additional charges).

    Today, we had our immigration interview. It was far less stressful than we had imagined. Our case officer said she has never seen a better put-together package of supporting documents.

    I can't recommend them enough for making a tedious and arduous process so easy. Thanks!

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